You are Everything

“We’re seeking a state of Wellbeing…and that’s what absolute freedom means.” — Michael Singer

This quote brings up some interesting concepts that I encountered in my float tank session tonight. I received what felt like direct revelation, and with it came an understanding of beingness, and the Unified Current of All that Is. We are really all that. U.C.A.I.

I’m listening to Dervish right now and it seems to be saying it better than I can put into words. See, there is nothing left to seek. All is here and now, running through us. It IS the FORCE. YOU ARE THE FORCE. That’s the YOU that IS FOREVER. BE. No beginning. No end. The end begins here. Time starts and stops now. There only ever IS and IS is living proof that IS always IS (has been, is, and ever more shall be). It’s the circle but without any shape or form.

Adyashanti calls it “The seamless unity of all things.” That makes sense to me. He also calls it "The absolute intimacy of all that is."

In other words, you can’t get any closer. That means it’s there, right in the very center. All. You.

Are You starting to see it?


You are everything. It was THAT phrase that woke you up. That line repeated over and over was the most true string of words you had ever channeled. 

You are everything you are everything you are.

You are everything you are everything you.

You are everything you are everything.

You are everything you are.

You are everything you.

You are everything.

You are.







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