Chyris’ passion and joy is to share messages of Light that arise from the infinite potential of the creative void. Each individual’s energy holds an infinite number of messages and frequencies which Chyris has the unique ability to access and channel with heart-hitting depth and clarity. Receiving the insights that she provides through her channeling will open your heart to the release, revelation, and realignment that you are ready to experience.

Light Language Energy Signature

Art & Reading · $88

Each and every one of us is a unique blend of energy and vibration. Chyris has explored artistically channeling an intuitive understanding of others energy into what she calls a light language energy signature. 


The colors, shapes, and strokes that come out in your signature will resonate with you on an intangible level. It’s a little like looking into an energetic mirror or seeing your name written for the first time. It’s most like the mirror because the signature will change as you grow and evolve, just like your appearance changes.


Chyris will also include an intuitive reading of your signature. This often speaks directly to where you’re at in life and also covers broader aspects of your journey and mission.

Signature will be sent digitally or can be shipped for an extra S&H cost of $10, or more for international orders.

Light Language
Channeled Reading or Song

Reading · 45 Minutes · $55
Song · 10 Minutes · $22

Light language is a channeled language of the Spirit, bypassing the judging mind and speaking directly to our hearts. It comes in various forms, not limited to spoken, written, and movement. In these services I will tune into your energy and from there deliver a message that your spirit and soul wish to hear in order to bring you closer to your truth and connection with the Divine. 

Reading: I will channel answers to your questions in light language with english interpretation. This session will usually last 45 minutes and can be done via live video or a recorded YouTube video.

I will channel a custom song for you in light language, about ten minutes in length, usually with some English interpretation included. This can be done live or delivered via a private YouTube video.

Art of Light Custom Painting

$111 - $999

To make this custom art, I’ve been guided to sing and record light language for a piece as I’m painting it.

You receive both parts, the painting and the audio file, so that they can be experienced together as one unified message of light language.


Price ranges is based on size and medium used.

Sound of Light Energetic Alignment

1 Hour · $88

In our session together, we will focus on re-calibrating your DNA with the vibration of the Higher Self. This will happen through releasing repressed energies and allowing pure healing love to fill its place using a combination of toning, light language, crystals, and energy work.

Session usually last about 1 hour and can be done in person or over distance.

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