In the Drop is the Ocean

Taking the time to find the macro in the micro.

I am finding that change comes with taking the time to do the work of observing [apparent] reality as it is and finding out why it is sharing the story that it is sharing.

We truly are connected to the lives we experience. Life is not meant to be random but a living conversation with and experience of and as the divine Yes and divine Love.

It's so complicated and yet so simple.

I find that when I observe reality as it is, it has so much to say that I can become overwhelmed. I realize that in my 29 years I have already acquired so much programming- both from others and internally generated. There is an endless amount to analyze and sift through. At the same time, I’m beginning to see that all the alignment and realizations seem to come when I stop and slow down and simply observe. There is no more big to-do or huge purpose that I am constantly striving after. Instead there is a here and a now and a be and a see, and then accept.


In the drop is the Ocean.


If you try to see the ocean all at once and understand all of its depths, it can be overwhelming, and one does not even want to begin the task…but if you simply look at a drop, you will see the whole ocean. Start observing the drops in the rain of life. Start observing those small and subtle parts of being-ness and you may find that you begin to realize the large and sublime truths stored within.

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